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Marvel has released the a new Iron Man 3 trailer.

My first comic was an Iron Man comic and it is still one of my favorite franchises.  I have the previous Iron Man movies in my top 10 of comic book movies… The first one edges out Batmans: “The Dark Knight” but this is because I have always been more of a Marvel fan then DC.

Anyway… new trailer is below, release date for NA is May 3rd… counting down the days!!!

Masterpiece Soundwave Photo Review

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I present to you my Valentine’s day date, Masterpiece Soundwave!!!

– Outside Packaging –
The box is much larger then Lambor’s but is still smaller in comparison to Rodimus/Hot Rod.

Again, same format as all of the other MP toys, flat black with a white boarder.  Images of the toy are glossy.

The back shows the alt mode accessories, and gimmicks… so all of the basic stuff.

– Inside Packaging –
Soundwave and his accessories is packed in a clear plastic container which includes Laserbeak, his concussion blaster, a MP Megatron gun, a clear Energon cube, display overlay, and a cassette case.

Also included in a plastic bag is the transformation instruction sheet, and Soundwaves collector card.

– Contents –
Next, we will look at Soundwave’s accessories:

First thing I pulled out was the MP Megatron gun.  It is pretty much identical to the MP Megatron gun that came with the original MP Convoy (Optimus Prime).  The only difference was a slight remold at the bottom of the handle.  Of course I could be wrong as the MP Megatron gun I have comes from the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime.

Next we look at Soundwave’s hand sensor.  Very detailed piece… it attaches via two tabs.  When not in use it tabs on Soundwave’s buttocks.

Soundwave’s concussion blaster comes in battery mode, which really isn’t battery mode… I will get to that later.  Transformation of the gun is fairly straight forward… you pull the ends away from each other, flip the hand out which pushes the tip of the gun out enough for you to pull it out.

The energon cube is clear, I have used a pink paper-craft cube that I downloaded from Takara-Tomy’s site.  The display screen is also clear and clips to the front of Soundwave’s chest.  On the back of the instruction book they have the screen shots that are to be used with the display screen.  I scanned them and printed them because I am not one to cut up the instruction books.

The cassette case is clear pink.  It fits Laserbeak as well as another figure that I have that is a not much of a surprise.

Laserbeak is very detailed, looks perfect.  In cassette mode he fits in Soundwaves chest OR the cassette case.  Soundwave has various tab locations, his shoulder and forearm, where he can clip on.

– Robot Mode –
Soundwave was packaged in robot mode so ALT mode will be at the end.

Soundwave looks just like the way he looks in the G1 cartoon.  He has full articulation and his joins are very tight.  His hips are click and lock in place so you can pose him pretty much anyway you want.The RWD and FFWD buttons are press-able.  The silver eject button works.  You can store up to 3 tapes in Soundwave’s chest.

Speaking of his chest, as a bonus, Generations Ravage, that comes with Generations Hound, fits in his chest.

– Alt Mode –

Soundwave’s alt mode is where i feel this toy is at it’s weakest.  From the front and sides it looks great.  From the back you can see his missile launcher, which you cannot remove, and concussion blaster.  So instead of them being batteries like they were originally they just sit there.  You also see his sensor attachment.

– Size –
Soundwave is around the same height as MP Grimlock and is much taller then Lambor.

– Other notes – 
Like Lambor, there is ZERO die-cast metal on the toy.  As I said before, in his alt-mode you see a lot of reverse kibble, usually we see kibble in the robot mode. (CORRECTION: Soundwave’s feet ARE die-cast)

– Rating –
Pros:  Lambor is a nice figure.  Great articulation, proportions are great.  He looks like his G1 self.

Cons: No die-cast, sensor attachment is kinda stupid, and reverse kibble.

I would give him a 8 out of 10.

Masterpiece Lambor (Sideswipe) Photo Review

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I would like to introduce you to Masterpiece Lambor aka Sideswipe!

– Outside Packaging –
The box is small, which makes sense seeing that the other masterpiece toys I have are Megatron, Starscream, and Rodimus.  In comparison with those the box should be tiny but again I was suprised.

It follows the same format as the other masterpiece toys, flat, black box with a white border on front and sides.  The images of Lambor are glossy on the front along with the Lamborghini logo and the Transformers Masterpiece branding.

The back shows both robot and alt mode.  Also shows it in comparison with MP 10 Convoy. Other items displayed are the “pile-drivers” gimmick, and action shot with his flare gun and a picture showing the all the contents on the box.  There is also a lot of text. From what I gather portions include the history of the original toy, and information about the Lamborghini LPS500S.

Also worth noting is a holographic Lamborghini sticker on the bottom of the box.  I think that was a nice little touch.

– Inside Packaging –
After opening the box, Lambor was presented in a clear plastic container showing all the contents.  Lambor is packaged in his alt mode.  Right next to Lambor are his two pile-driver attachments, and above are his flare gun and missle launcher.

Also included in a plastic bag is the transformation instruction sheet, which also shows more images and more text, and the Lambor Masterpice Card.

– Contents –
Finally, the meat and potatoes!  Lets start with the weapons.

Lambor comes with his flare gun and missile launcher.  Both are nicely detailed, the Flare Gun is painted silver while the missile launcher is an unpainted white plastic.  It is worth noting that that there is no missile for the missile launcher.

As for the pile-drivers, they are black blocks that clip onto Lambor’s arms when you fold in his hands, similar to the way MP01 Convoy’s energy axe connects to him.

– Alt Mode –
Now for Lambor, he looks awesome in his alt mode.  There really is not much to say, he looks just like a Lamborghini  LP500S.  Some minor line issues but that is to be expected.

Not going to say much about the transformation, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

– Robot Mode –
Lambor looks perfect.  Articulation is everywhere were it matters.  His head can tilt up, tilt down, turn left and turn right.  Lambor’s arms have full 360 degree rotation, the ability to tilt up.  The elbows are double jointed and also have 360 rotation.  Only weakness is his Lambor’s wrists are not on ball-joints so you only get 360 degree with no tilt.

Lambor twists at the waist, bends at his knees.  Lambor has two artictualtion points on each of his ankles, one to tilt left and right and one to tilt forward and backward.

– Weapon Attachments – 
Weapon attachments are fairly straight forward, Lambor has two hole next to his head, one on each arm joint for his missile launcher.

His flare gun has tabs on both sides of the handle that are supposed to go into a slot on the hand.  Unfortunately, I have found with mine that it suffers the same problem that MP09 Rodimus has, where the tab will not stay in the slot.  It is not as bad as MP09 but the flaw, at least on mine, is there.

As, noted before the pile-driver attachments clip onto the end of Lambor’s arms when you fold in his hands.

– Size –
Lambor is smaller then I thought he would be.  I have included comparison pictures to show the height of the toy.  Compared to Rodimus, Lambor is like a little child.  He is barely taller then Alternity Bumblebee and Generations Sunstreaker.

– Other notes – 
Just two things that bothers me about the toy, Lambor’s wheels are plastic. Which is disappointing as this is the first masterpiece toy that does not have rubber wheels.  Also there is ZERO die-cast metal on the toy.  Again, the only one so far that has no metal.

– Rating –
Pros:  Lambor is a nice figure.  Great articulation, proportions are great.  He looks like his G1 self.

Cons: As noted before, Lambor has no die-cast metal, he does not have rubber tires, gun clips to hand could be better and his pile-driver add-on is kinda lame.

I would give him a 8 out of 10.


It’s here!!!

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I got my package today. Should have the new post by the end of the week.

For now, I will give you a teaser photo:

I’m baaaaaaaack!!!

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Site is back up finally after a failed attempt to update the SQL.

I will post the stuff that interest me…  I already have an idea for my first post… I am just waiting for it.